12 novembro 2011

Eco Design data base from Matrec Italy

MATREC (Material Recycling) is the first free Italian eco-design data base dedicated to materials ensuring a low environmental impact and to their use in the world of production and design.

Conceived by Architect Marco Capellini, MATREC was established in 2002 as an online portal, in co-operation with the National Recycling Consortia CiAl, Comieco, and CoRePla.

In 2006 MATREC changed from virtual to real, also thanks to the collaboration of the Lombardy Region and of Cestec. In a dedicated area at the Polytechnic Design School of Milan, samples of recycled materials from all over the world are exhibited to the public for free.

Since 2008, Assorimap (the National Association of Plastic Material Recyclers and Regenerators) and Cesap (the European Centre for the Development of Plastic Applications) have been involved in the project.
In 2010 a new MATREC center was opened in Ascoli Piceno and, in the same year, even the two MATREC temporary centers respectively in Udine and Reggio Calabria.

MATREC is a tool, but first and foremost a service aimed at companies, free-lance professionals, designers, Universities, and Research centres for the development of low-impact products.

Information on the main issues of eco-design, on sustainable products, and on several materials obtained from recycling is available in the website, divided by categories and supported by descriptions, including composition, technical properties and applications.

MATREC is also a research centre at the service of companies for the development of innovative, sustainable, and design products.


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