09 abril 2011

Procurando a identidade do design brasileiro

The discussion focuses, in particular, on the relations involving the indigenous cosmology and Brazilian design.
In the research, those who interact with the object of this study are the designer and the Shamans; the methodological principles used are focused on two different approaches: ethnography and case studies; whilst I used as bibliographic reference, primary and secondary sources.
The research study has not addressed the shapes of objects, but the processes that trans-form and re-structure them.

In this context, the analysis highlights the fact that a designer in Brazil, in an effort to achieve technological innovation, often re-defines and trans-forms the aesthetics of objects in three actions: to re-contextualize the industrialized products, to re-use the materials used and to re-cycle nature related things.

The state of the art promotes a discussion between the Shamanic culture and design as two complementary categories. In conclusion, the results show that there is a cyclical correspondence between the contemporary world and the ancestral world.

(By: Dr. Rosane Badan, Professor, Faculdade de Artes Visuais, Universidade Federal de Goiás )
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