28 julho 2012

Designing for Sustainability

"Lifecycle Management Strategies: Designing Products for Sustainability and Profitability"

Learn how Going Green is the answer for your company's future profitability and efficiency.

A number of external pressures are making Going Green a top concern for manufacturing executives. 

Globally, governments are exerting pressure on businesses to do more in reducing the negative impact their operations have on the environment.

Along with that, businesses are feeling the pressure from the physical world as well. 

Even if it is possible for these companies to ignore the impact their operations have on such things as carbon emissions, there is no way they can ignore the shortages of natural resources. 

A shortage of resources that go into your products, or are necessary to make or move your products, is a direct threat to the success of your business. 

To learn more, download this executive brief inside, you will find information in regard to issues such as:
  • What is Green and Why Go Green Now?
  • Lean Materials Management
  • Modeling the environmental impact of your product
  • Reducing your carbon footprint

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