14 abril 2012

Design and Culture - Design Studies Forum

Design and Culture, the official journal of the Design Studies Forum, is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published three times annually.

Design and Culture explores the dynamic, contingent relationships between design and its many cultural contexts. 

Encompassing the numerous professional, quasi-professional, and amateur fields of design, the journal identifies and explores cultures of design and designs of culture, investigating the tensions often encountered between critical, analytical, and intellectual activity and traditional studio-based endeavors.

The journal aims to broaden the discourse of design by examining its relation to other academic disciplines, including anthropology, cultural studies, economics, geography, marketing, management, material culture, politics, and visual culture.

 It also seeks congruence between traditional divisions within design practice, such as graphic, product, industrial, and environmental design.

 In so doing, the journal’s editorial board proposes to strengthen, clarify, and promote the study of design cultures, including history, criticism, and design practice, in the contemporary academy.

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