07 janeiro 2013

Design Methods from Robert Curedale

Design Methods 1
200 ways to apply design thinking
Authored by Robert Curedale

Each of the 200 methods has a condensed one page step-by-step instructions for easy reading. Included are templates, descriptions of each method, instructions on when,where and why to use each method, resources needed and references.

The two volumes in this series outline the design methodologies presented in a series of successful international workshops by Rob Curedale based on the methods of the world's most innovative organizations.

The author Robert Curedale focuses the experiences of decades of tacit knowledge from managing design for some of the world's leading design brands and design consultancies and teaching at influential design schools and universities in Asia, Australia, Europe, Detroit, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley

Design Methods 2 
200 more ways to apply Design Thinking
Authored by Robert Curedale 

Rob Curedale was born in Australia and worked as a designer, director and educator in leading design offices in London, Sydney, Switzerland, Portugal, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Detroit, and China. 

He designed and managed over 1,000 products and experiences as a consultant and in-house design leader for the world's most respected brands. 

Rob has three decades experience in every aspect of product development, leading design teams to achieve transformational improvements in operating and financial results. 

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