29 abril 2012

Designer´s Inquiry - How Designers are / work / live

Italian designers launched an inquiry on the socio-economic condition of
designers today, they have been working on for quite a while with a group of young Italian designers they are part of since last autumn.

The idea would be to collect a big number of responses from all over
the world, in order to reach a critical mass of data that has the
power to tell something relevant about how designers are/work/live.

Therefore, it would be fantastic if you could help them spread it as
widely as possible through the internet. 

They need people like you to forward and post about the initiative, as this helps it get momentum. 

The link to the questionnaire is included here:

Direct link to the survey in English:


Should they manage to collect enough information, it would be possible
to elaborate/translate them graphically and to include them into a
publication, as a first step.

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