26 julho 2011

Innovation Union: local know-how for Asia and Latin America

Cathy Huang

20 July 2011

An alliance of innovation consulting firms in China, India and Latin America have created the Innovation Union, to offer highly-integrated innovation and research services and know-how for global Fortune 500 companies.

The launch partners are CBi China Bridge (based in Shanghai and Hong Kong, China), INDI (Pune, India) and Insitum (US; Mexico; Colombia; Argentina; and Brazil).

In total, there will be 14 partners and a combined workforce of 135 consultants in the Innovation Union.

The companies say that with local firms in fast growing markets as members, “the Innovation Union makes it much easier for an organization to carry out global projects, guarantees an in-depth understanding of the market provided by local teams, and ensures a standardized quality of work and deliverables”.

“We chose to use the term ‘fast-growing’ rather than ‘emerging’ to refer to these markets, as China, India and Latin America have already emerged,” said Cathy Huang, founder and president of CBi China Bridge. “These are all dynamic markets that offer great business opportunities for companies who understand how to leverage their advantages, and this is what the Innovation Union can help with."

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