08 junho 2010

Paises emergentes

Alguns numeros assustadores dos paises emergentes nas proximas decadas, já fizeram a conta de produção e consumo para todos?


Asia accounts for 35% of all car sales and 43% of mobile phones in the world.

India needs at least 400 airports and 3,000 aircraft in the next 10 years to keep pace with the growing demand.

China is currently building 57 new airports.

Over the next 15 years, China is forecast to construct:
5 billion sq m of new road
40 billion sq m of new floor space
5 million buildings
50,000 skyscrapers

All equivalent to building two cities the size of Chicago every year.

In the next 15 years China’s cities could build 170 new transit systems. That is twice the number of roads currently in Europe.


China will have 6 million university graduates this year (2010).

Each year India produces about twice as many engineering and computing graduates as the US.

By 2025, more Chinese people will speak English than the number of native English speakers worldwide.


By 2030, 93% of the world’s middle class will live in what is currently termed emerging markets.

In 2009, the Indian middle class consisted of 50 million people. By 2025, the figure is estimated to rise to over half a billion people.

The growth in China’s urban consumption between 2008 and 2025 will be equivalent to annual demand in Germany.

The number of high net worth individuals in Asia Pacific is projected to rise by over 80% from 2008 to 2013, twice as many as in North America.

With 64 billionaires, China is second only to the US.

The high-income segment will triple by 2016, quadruple in boomtowns


In 2009, India added over 10m telephone subscribers per month, equivalent to the population of Greece.

One billion people in emerging markets have a mobile phone but no access to banking services; by 2012 this population will reach 1.7 billion.

Asia accounts for 35% of all car sales and 43% of mobile phones in the world.

In 2009, 233 million Chinese—twice as many as in the previous year—accessed the Net on handheld devices.


In 2010-11, Reserves will be more than double Brazil's gross external financing requirement.

By 2025, 15 cities in China will have over 25 million inhabitants.

There will be $100bn in outwards investment from the East to the West in the next five years.

Total international reserves in China are forecasted to increase from 825.6bn to 3073.1bn by 2011, an increase of 372%.

Chinese entities generated a record 298 cross-border M&A deals in 2009.

South-South trade now accounts for one-third of total world trade.

By 2050, Brazil is forecast to overtake leading industrial economies such as Germany, Japan and the UK, to become the fourth largest economy in the world.

India is forecast to be the largest contributor to growth in the world’s working population in the next decade.

Between 2008-2025, the 30 fastest growing cities will be in emerging markets. The largest among them are projected to grow by almost 200% in this period; in contrast, developed market cities are forecast to grow by only 35%.

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